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The once sleepy fishing village became northern Europes windsurfing mekka in the mid 90´s. This was the place to go when You wanted to do serious wavesailing at the north sea. The reason for that is the bend in the coastline which gives one of the rare opportunities in Denmark to sail west wind directions more or less sideshore. Plus the sometimes huge waves that come to this part of the coast. So everybody who considered him- or herself as serious wavesailor came here. The wind was good, the waves were good, parking was easy, campgrounds and appartements offered plenty of opportunities to spend the night, parties in the Braendingen or the one or other appartement were legendary, the mood was cult.

In 1995 the guys from the surfers magazine started the first soulwave contest. This contest combined windsurfing,surfing and kiteboarding under the name of soul. Parties have been legendary. At the beginning the contests were all held at the several Klitmoller spots. Now they move to places like Hanstholm, Aggers or Norre Vorupor according to the actual wind- and swell directions. After running the soulwave for 10 consecutive years it was reorganized in 2006 and now takes place under the name soulfiles. It is now a combined windsurfing and surfing contest, culturally spiced up by a short film festival.

Klitmøller has also become the center of danish surf / windsurf / kiteboarding culture with the NASA club residing in the shack at the western end of the road playing a very active part in organizing events and acting for boardrider´s concerns in local politics.

Local and part time local crews, that once stuck to Klitmoller no matter what direction the wind has, moves around a lot more nowadays as for some wind directions (for example westerly winds) other places fit better. Where once with westerly winds Klitmøller was packed, now You´ll find very few sailors in the bay.

But the place still is the perfect base camp with all the campgrounds, the windsurf / surf shop, the restaurants and the Westwind Surfshop & Cafe right at the parking lot.. It used to be okay to stay at the parkings at the beaches overnight but the reckless behavior of some has put an end to this. Thanks to those stupid idiots the police is now taking a heavy toll from the ones who camp here.

The reason for the bend in the coastline and for the quality of waves is a reef. Yes, a real reef in this land of sandbars. It begins just at the corner of the bend and stretches south for some 100m meters. Into sea it builds a classic A-frame which creates really good lefts and nice rights. If You go out there, wearing booties is a good idea year round, as the sharp mussels - hence the name musselreef - on the pretty shallow reef area linger for surfers / sailors / kiteboarders feet.

Inside the bay there is a couple of sandbars (and a sunken ship somewhere north) that create mushy breaks. The large parking in front of the Braendingen makes a short and comfortable way to shore. The place is fairly protected from all but northwesterly swells. Following north past some bunkers along the dunes, the beach becomes a typical Jüland beachbreak area again.

About 1 km south of the musselreef there´s a place called bunkers with another reef that can produce very nice surf.

windsurfing: with winds from the south to southwest musselreef is still one of the best wavesailing locations in Europe. It rains a lot with these conditions and currents are strong but wind and waves allow for very fine wavesailing and jumping. Wave 360´s, aerials, push loops and freestyle tricks at the inside are shown by local danes and visiting germans, swedes or other nordic folks when musselreef is on. The level is very high and conditions can get very challenging. Westerly winds are o.k. inside the bay. They bring also some decent waves but the orientation of the breaks is just not ideal. Still very good jumping though. Northwest is still sailable but no fun. North is full onshore inside the bay but makes the musselreef work again. Northeast after a strom passed brings unreal wavesailing conditions at the musselreef again. Bring waveboards and small sails.

kiteboarding: although the beach is a bit too small for relaxed kiteboarding Klitmøller has become a mekka for them also (even when most of them have started their Klitmoller experience as windsurfers). West to northwest winds is when the kite guys rule. Good sized but fairly round waves then cover the bay in abundance and prevent numerous ramps for endless jumps or some waveriding. Especially summer brings perfect conditions with force 4 to 5 winds and performance waves very often. Bring very small kites for the high wind days or better yet, be able to have fun on a windsurfer to fully enjoy the many high wind days here. Again, kiteboarding level is very high amongst locals here and You need to knwo Your stuff, when You want to fly here.

surfing: the two premier reefs are very exposed to the wind. But when a storm passes and the wind turns east or dies musselreef and bunkers become really good surfspots. Musselreef offers longer lefts and good rights that peel very nicely. Bunkers favours rights that can get tubey. Swells from the west to northwest are best as they have some power coming a fairly long way. The Klitmoller bay can have good beginners conditions.

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