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Das Kleine Randmeer

Ode to the North Sea.



Why Are We Doing This?

Essential questions and a possible answer for North Sea Surfers.



Der Ostsee:

Surfing where there is no surf.....



Once again we rode many kilometers on danish roads...


Treasure Island


Baltic Lemmings shows nothing but the truth about baltic sea surfing in Germany.........


Q-trips, part 1 shows one of the best surfing days ever in Denmark


sweet (windsurfer-) dreams

filmed early January at the baltic sea


Patience is a crucial thing when surfing the north sea. But once in a while we get rewarded with some happy hours

click here to watch the film


lazy summer sessions in Denmarks Klitmoeller

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fools and fishermen:

some friends having a summer fun surf session in Denmark



promenons dans le bois

by: drunksouls

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windows 1024 kb

windows 512 kb

Britta bombs the White House:

little clip about what storm Britta delivered at the German Baltic Sea November 1st, 2006

music by: Loui Vetton

windows high

Bella Italia:

have a look at these waves and allways remember: this is the mediterranean!


December Gold:

A North Sea surf clip classic.


Underground Rhythm:

Little clip about an epic day in northern Denmark. November 2005 had exceptionally warm temperatures and some nice southwest swells to offer....