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datrip: Yes, a broader horizon with the boards is a good idea.
Where else do you roam – besides the North Sea?
And do you have a special affinity to beach breaks, reefs or points?
Honk: I`ve seen a bit from the european and morrocan atlantic coast. From that I like the Cte Basque a lot, especially as compromise between a wide choice of surf conditions and the easy access. When Im on a trip I want to spend as much time as possible in the water and like to have something different from sand underneath. But these are allready the special sessions.

datrip: O. k. seems like you know about real waves.
But youre still spending a lot of time surfing in the North Sea, and as far as I know even in the Baltic Sea. Does this – especially at these windblown onshore days – still give You pleasure, once you know the taste of juicy Cote Basque or Thagazout waves?

Honk: Sure! Thats exactly the situations during every day life, when you keep an eye on wind bruised tress and certain flag poles in order not to miss the chance of getting wet at home, no matter how good the waves are as long as they are surfable. At home Im often hotter for a surf than on a trip, where I sometimes tend to get picky.
datrip: stoke, surf turkey, all right. But what about 40 surfers in mediocre Hvide Sande waves at Whitsun week, 60 surfers in knee high Damp baltic sea slop during summer or the same amount in windblown Weienhaus “waves” in January? And on the web enthusiastic people call this epic sessions?
Is this still stoke or isnt it just hype?

Honk: You can count the remarkable sessions at home with the fingers of one hand. For me surfing at home is more for getting some fun, keep in touch with the ocean and to fing some distraction from every day life. I also like checking the web to see how much fun others had in the same conditions. There the opinions can differ a lot. But some of the users keep pointing out that the sessions often get described too euphoric. The web just serves the surf hype 24 hours a day. This leads to bigger crowds at the next surfable day whilst for a good surf still a lot of things have to come together.

datrip: You often travel with a gang that is able to dominate a lineup quite a bit. Do you have a game plan how to bring order to chaotic lineups?
Does this work in lineups full of newbies that dont have a clue about the rules?
And what do you think about the often discussed issue of naming or not naming spots in web forums?

Honk: Its not really a gang – but being out with friends is so much more fun and gives you extra motivation. And so groups get formed where you  its possible to better judge who goes which direction, all that without having a defined game plan. This gives a much more organized picture even in crowds full of clueless people.
The name giving for “new” spots I find quite a bit entertaining, but I have to admit, that sometimes Im quite surprised when I see hordes of surfers coming to special spots.
On the other side it was the much disputed north report that eventually showed me how to get more surf time…….

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