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Andreas Holländer aka Honk

How names can mislead. It´s everything but Honk – ish, what Andreas is performing in the nordic seas since a. With his size he could play basketball, but he moves his body on the longboard in a way, that one could believe to watch a former ballet dancer. But the 26 year old heftily denies, ever having floated over a dance floor in tights.
In 1999 he startet his first tries on a surfboard in Denmark and since 2002 he is totally hooked. Together with some buddies, who are no dwarfs either, he nowadays dominates the local lineups. But despite his dominance he prefers to avoid the crowds by surfing lesser known spots at the North an Baltic Sea.
The log is still his favourite tool – not a bad idea though, considering his size – but in faster atlantic waves he now likes to take a fish.
Ah yeah, his lovely nickname he got when performing a dance still wrapped in his sleeping bag on night. He doesn´t remember any details, but his buddies just call him Honk since that event. So, take Andreas as a warning example and be carefull about what kind of dances you perform in future nights. But the daylight dances, that Andreas shows on his board you can copy without hesitation.

Meanwhile Andreas has been to California and came back with a new quiver of classic longboards and good experiences. Even the locals there had recognize him as stylish surfer and where quite a bit surprised when they heard where he comes from.

Now read what Andreas told us during our interview:

datrip: How did you get your nickname Honk?

Honk: Once I gave a dancing performance in the sleeping bag. Obviously in honky-tonk style. Don´t know how that had looked. From then on my buddies changed from "holly" to this wonderful pregnant name.

datrip: Yep, very pregnant that name. But very missleading too, as your gracious, even dance like style on the board has nothing in common with what we would expect Honk-ish.
Whre did you get that style from? From watching Mr. Tudor or is there a secret ballet dancer hidden inside you?

Honk: To be honest, that I don´t know. But sure, I try to get some elegance out of that honk constitution.
datrip: Up to now I only have seen you on longboards. Are you a purist or do you use shorter stuff once in a while?

Honk: A solid log is definitely first choice. But during my trip last year I had heaps of fun on a fish. I think, a little bit of versatility isn´t that bad.
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pics by Bevis