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Off the beaten tourist path there is this little dusty town which reminds a bit of north africa. Some local fishermen, many very moroccan looking people, some backpackers and surfers dominate the unpaved streets. There is some bars, shops where You can buy food, a surfshop, some restaurants and many reasonably priced appartements to rent. If You came to surf and can stand the dust this is a pretty good place to stay.

A small pier helps You to get to a very nice reef which is of course shallow and sharp. The reef is close to some kind of promenade where Your accompanying cheer girls and fans have a comfortable view on the action. On the water You just have to compete with a bunch of locals. And Lanzarote locals have a very tough reputation, so prepare to get up early in the morning, even when that means You have to leave those bars early at night.

surfing: the western orientation of the coast means that the place gets a very good load of atlantic juice. The reef produces rippable and clean lefts and rights that require some experience. Best wind direction is east which is a very frequent direction in summer. Winter has some onshore days but produces a lot of powerfull waves. Getting up early in the morning helps but this is no news to any surfer.

A little bit down south there are some more reefs that produce some nice looking lefts. Just follow the dirt track.

windsurfing / kiteboarding: it´s not a good idea to launch Your wind vehicle here. Better go to neighbouring La Caleta.

check out the pics of da place and da surf and the info board.