La Caleta

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La Caleta:

The mountain range Risco de Famara is the spectacular background of that large stretch of beach which runs from La Caleta to the ancient salines at the base of the Mirador del Rio in the northwestern edge of Lanzarote. The Risco de Famara and the island Graciosa very much look like the remnants of a very larce crater that got blown into pieces ages ago.

Comming from Famara the road passes a parking area close to the beach and runs into a large bungalow village. Besides rentals there is a basic supermarket and a restaurant in this little village. If You come with some friends itīs definitly worth to rent one of the bungalows close to the beach. Itīs just a 3 mn walk for the morning surf session before breakfast.

Near Famara has a surfshop, surfschool, supermarkets, bars and whatwever basic things You need.

The beach is all black sand with many round lava stones. A dirt track leeds north at the base of the Risco de Famara and becomes a foodpath after some times. Making that strenuous way will bring You to some pretty nice waves....

surfing: The waves break over sandbars and are not very powerfull. This makes the area a very good place for beginners and intermediates. Waves bigger than 2m tend to close out. Longboards or hybrids are a good choice. Even as surf schools regularely ust the beach for teaching, crowds are not a factor, as the beach is really large enough. This is one of the most relaxed surf spots in the Canaries.

windsurfing: trade winds come from the northeast to north and fairly regularely reach force 4 to 6 in summer. Most of the times waves are small in this part of the Year but the odd out of season swell makes this place a very good wavesailing spot. Fat winter waves and winds from the south or the north bring rare alltime wavesailing sessions in winter. Beware of the almost invisible shipwreck near the town of Famara!

kiteboarding: this is a very good place for kiteboarding. The large beach and constant winds in the medium range together with small to medium sized waves provide a lot of fun. Be carefull, when the wind comes sideoffshore as itīs a long way to America...

other sports: the hanggliders coming down from the Risco de Famara seemed to have a lot of fun! Riding a bike gives You new and intimate sights on the island. Hiking along the Risco de Famara offers spectacular views and may be the sighting of a uncrowded class wave.

Additional basic infos on climate and best seasons to be found on the info board, pics at the place gallery!