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Roadtrip to Denmark

Klitmøller, end of October, 2015

Supermarkets were selling Ginger bread and other Christmas sweets since weeks and months already – at least it felt like ages. But somehow, autumn time did not really want to start this year. Well, at least the leafs on the trees were becoming more and more colorful, but beautiful blue skies and nice and warm temperatures did not really match a Windsurfers expectations to the stormy season oft the year.

It proved to be a golden autumn – beautiful, quiet, and calm. Just as calm as it was over the summer season, at least on the Dutch beaches, where I consider myself to be a local. Someone seemed to continuously divert the usual low-pressure systems. Instead of the usual and frequent storms, a very moderate, yet long lasting period with easterly winds was dominating more or less constantly this year. Without the intention to be political in any way, one could have suspected, that the Russian president Putin would have wanted to take revenge on us windsurfers for trade restrictions from the European Union.

With the weather remaining stable and calm, our plan to share a few waves and some wind at the end of the windsurfing season seemed to fade away. Repetitively, the weather forecast for the autumn weekends failed to be promising, at least for windsurfing, or disappeared yet another time.

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Story and photos by: Chris Hafer & Flo Soehnchen,