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The left-hander on the other side of the rock was breaking a bit smaller, but more consistent and had the odd glimpse of brilliance on offer. I now knew where I would paddle out. Just to make sure that this was the right decision I had a short look into the next bay and on the break that I had surfed yesterday. There were good waves breaking too but the point seemed the better option to me. But first I had to walk back to the van. This would take me about half an hour, but I was not too much in a hurry as it was still early in the day and the weather was supposed to stay sunny and calm the whole day. And the swell should be pumping all day too.

So, everything looked set for a great day of juicy North Sea surf. But after just a few minutes on my walk back it started blur. The fog returned, and it returned very quick. Within minutes visibility was down to about 40 meters. No chance to spot the line-up anymore, just the stony shoreline was halfway visible from my path along the coast. With the fog came the silence too. There obviously must still have been waves breaking out there, but there was nothing to hear anymore. The rumble of set-waves breaking on the outer rocks and even the splashing of the inside peaks had completely vanished.

Once in a while ghost-like figures with boards under their arms came walking from where there must have been the sea, heaving through the labyrinth of slippery rocks like zombies from a B-movie. Puzzled I followed the path along the coast, not knowing what was happening behind that wall of haze. Once in a while I heard hushed voices seemingly coming out of nowhere. At one point these voices appeared to be screams of joy and I stopped for a closer look. After a while I manged to distinguish a little lefthander breaking very close to shore.

Once in a while dimly figures were rushing along the shoulder of this inside wave. After the second wave breaking along the rock, I was convinced that these were not the dead souls of drowned sailors but surfers obviously knowing the line-up and the surrounding rocky obstacles good enough to stay out for a fun session despite the thick fog killing any clear vision. But I was not absolutely sure, so I walked on and after another 15 minutes reached the harbour.

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