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No Complaints.

Nordic windsurfers have nothing bad to say about the summer so far. It has been – for the season – unusually windy in June and July at the Danish North Sea coast and the Baltic Sea. Wave-sailing sessions with 4.5 sails in combination with bare feet and thin wetsuits were an unfamiliar but well welcomed experience on Nordic waters.

A week after that – should we say historic? – summer storm in mid-July another strong wind system appeared on the forecast sites. Strong south-westerly winds were on offer for northern Denmark together with some wind-swell. A classic setup for Thy and the spots around Klitmøller and Nørre Vorupør and a good reason for a weekend trip to Thy.

Saturday morning started with bright sunshine and already pretty windy. Nørre Vorupør was the first place to check and not surprisingly there were a few others having a look. In fact, there was an impressive crowd of surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders hanging around eager to get wet. Klitmøller must have been even worse due to a (Wind-) Surf Festival as I heard from a buddy who was there blocked on the parking lot for hours (he only wanted to buy a new wetsuit in the local surf shop).

But my bets were on the North Shore anyhow as the forecasts promised an overlaying west-northwesterly windswell for the afternoon. The idea was to stay patient and wait for the swell kicking in and a side-offshore windsurfing session with way less people or a surf session with similar no-crowds up there.

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