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Sunday at the Baltic Sea

This is nothing spectacular. This is just a story about the little escapes to the Baltic – kind of – Sea that people living too far away from real oceans enjoy doing, even at Mothers´ Day.

The forecast was not great and timing would be very important. There was just a small depression passing the area pretty quick and the time window with suitable wind conditions would be very small. It was predicted that the wind should turn northwest in the early morning and blow hard enough for about 3 to 4 hours. I was very desperate having spent way too little time at the sea in the past 6 months. So I had put the alarm watch at 5:30 ignoring that it was Sunday and that it was Mother´s Day.

At around 8:00 I reached my favourite spot for north-westerly winds in this part of the Baltic Sea. The wind was still coming too much from the south-west and was blowing side-offshore over a completely flat sea. I could have waited for the wind to turn but that seemed a bit risky with the quickly passing system. So I decided to check the spot where usually everybody goes.

Half an hour later I reached the parking lot which was already pretty populated with windsurfers gearing up. The barrier to the coast road leading to the windsurfing section of the beach was closed so windsurfers, surfers and kiteboarders all met at the parking in front of the new beach café. Hope the owners of the land at least keep this parking open to water sport aficionados.

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