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Bad Bank? Good Bank!

Thursday afternoon I checked the forecasts for the weekend. It was pathetic. At least for the weekend. For Thursday to Friday night a strong northerly wind was on offer which would rapidly loose strength Friday morning and was supposed to stay a light northerly breeze all Friday. The wind would bring some swell peaking Friday morning with two meters and rapidly vanishing throughout Friday. Nothing spectacular, but at least a chance to get wet.

Having already worked too much from Monday to Thursday I decided this is enough and I needed some sun and saltwater. The plan was maybe to get an early windsurf session Friday morning and score a surf session with light sideshore winds. I contacted a friend if he would like to join and he replied: is there a hidden swell? I can´t see anything coming.

O.k., this wasn´t winter and this wasn´t a groundswell meeting offshore winds but it is summer and the north Atlantic is sleeping and I needed to get wet. Plus, I have always my plan B which is windsurfing and a northerly wind is pretty fine for windsurfing in Denmark. So I hit the road Thursday night and made it to Hvide Sande at about 1:30 in the morning. I haven’t sailed nor surfed this place since they built the new jetty a few years ago. But that two meters windswell in combination with strong winds straight from the north looked like it was time to give this spot a new chance.

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