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Attention: this description is not up to date as situation has completely changed with the building of the new harbour.

This is how it was before:

The west facing beach just south of the jetty of the harbour entrance ist one of the best places in Denmark for all kind of wave action. When the conditions are right Windsurfers, surfers and kiterboarders alike come in allready great numbers for some decent wave action. The parking lot with public toilets and the shops and restaurants in nearby Hvide Sande offer a good infrastructure. The numerous campgrounds and challets in the close vicinity make it easy to find a place to sleep.

Allthough the jetty gives some order to the waves, the conditions are very much dependant from the rapidly changing wind conditions. Tides and sandfillings frequently change the quality and function of the sandbars. Currents can get very strong and heavy storms are a frequent occurance especially in autumn and winter. Crowds are allready a factor, especially as many travelling surfers do not follow any rules. So please, please learn about the rules, be respectfull and respect the nature! Otherwise You will destroy Your own playground. And if You camp on the parking lot be quiet and donīt leave any trash! If not, the police will completely shut down the now partially tolerated wild camping at this place.

windsurfing: with winds from northwest to north the place offers superb wavesailing conditions. The waves very quickly reach 2m and more and big jumps and even down the line waveridung are the call. You need a lot of experience to sail here because wave size and currents give You a solid washing treatment if You fall at the wrong place. Westerly winds come completely onshore and make windsurfing impossible. South to southwest is theoretically a o.k. wind direction but somehow does not work at this place. Winds from the east can not be used.

surfing: Waves usually only come with the wind what means that most of the time itīs windblown. The only chance to surf is when a low passes and the winds turn to north or better east or completely dies. Than You have clean waves for 1 to maximum 2 days.

Wave quality is also very dependend of the shape of the sandbars. These get altered by winter storms and the sand digging ship clearing the harbour entrance frequently.The bars have been very bad for some years but now (2008) have recovered. Still the tide is a huge factor and you have to find the right constellation to score the perfect hours.

Sometimes You have sort of a groundswell from west to northwest and offshore winds (mainly in winter).  Thatīs the magical north sea surfing days with glassy waves and sun. To get them You have to read the weathermaps and be very flexible in your timescedule. Getting up early in the morning helps a lot as often the predominatly westerly winds get reduced by the morning offshore thermals.

kitesurfing: if You are really in controll of Your kite Youīll find challenging conditions in medium winds with directions west to northwest to north. The then still soft  waves offer  ramps for endless jumps and some waveslashing. Just be carefull, as in these conditions itīs not unlikely to find windsurfers and surfers sharing the sea with You.

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