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Deep down south

story & photos by Chris Hafer

Christian Opitz, Klaus Sausen, Yannick Oelke and Chris Hafer compete as a team on the German Windsurfing Circuit, doing all 3 disciplines; Formula, Slalom and Wave/Freestyle. Spring 2008 they spent on Sardegna preparing for the upcoming contest season, following an invitation of Italian top racer Andrea Cucci.

Easter Sunday 2008; the air temperature is -3°C in Kiel, plus  snow flakes are floating around in the 10 knot breeze from the northeast; in the Netherlands the beaches are covered white and the  water freezes on the sails. In the meantime we had another hard day  on the water, with 20knots, 18°C and heaps of sun.  Mental note to  our selves: we've got it right this time...

Because we are not in Kiel or at the Dutch beaches; we are deep  down in the south of Sardegna. To be more precise, in the islands capital Cagliari and at it´s surrounding beaches. While most of the surfers invading Sardegna on a regular basis take
the turnoff straight from the ferry into the north of the Italian island to the infamous „Chickenbay“ of
Porto Pollo, we took the left turn and headed south.

Our department of housing did really well in the preparation of  our trip and delivered a truly masterpiece of accommodation: A splendid villa with sea view, a cozy place where you could have spend a really chilled vacation. This place would have been, even without the steady wind working a great place to get right away right from the start.

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