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Porto Pollo:

Back in the early eighties, when windsurfers started to want more wind and therefore went exploring, Porto Pollo was a famous dream destination. The larg bay of the chicken harbour (this is the translation for the italian Porto Pollo) is devides by a narrow isthmus that ends with a round shaped head. The isthmus is all sand beaches while the headland is dominated by the typical weird shaped rocks. Back then there were only very few accomodation posibilities and everybody camped on the beach. This is impossible now because the campground on the Isola del Gabiani, the before mentioned headland, now has lots of concurrence by other camprounds, rental appartements, beach bars, windsurf and kiteboarding schools and whatever You can find at an developped watersports area that is en vogue since almost three decades now.

But despite all those opportunities, the campground on the Isola del Gabiani still is the most beautifull place to stay here. You camp more or lee in the middle of the sea, surrounded by bizarre rocks and the deep blue of the mediteranean sea.

The area is absolutely stunning with its myriades of islands, bays and the rolling hills of the inland. Those fantastic granite stone formations are found everywhere here and the are nicely contasted by the green of the omnipresent macchia (bushes).

For shopping, some nice restaurants and party go to nearby Palau.

windsurfing: the dominant mistral winds get accelerated by the street of Bonifacio betwenn Corsica and Sardegna and easily reach forces up to 35 knots in the main wind season that is autumn and spring. Left to the isthmus you have bump and jump conditions, right of it there is an absolutely flat speed and freestyle area. Due to the sheltered situation of the main bay there never come waves in here. This makes the place a very good playground for advanced beginners, freestyle freaks or, on calmer days, for the ones who just like to cruise through the archipelago. Needless to say, that it can get VERY crowded here.

kiteboarding: on days with lighter winds this is a fantastic place for kiteboarding. Just be carefull with the crowds.

other sports: there is some very nice mountainbiking in the surrounding hills. And for sailors the street of Bonifacio is a dream as long as they can handle stronger winds.

Check the galleries (winter 1986 / 1987) for more pics.

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