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This core local from Tenerife is one of the leaders of a pack of surfers from the Canary Islands that keep pushing the limits in powerfull reef breaks. He doesn´t like travelling too much ´cause he has everything a surfer needs in front of his home.

Together with close buddies Alex Zirque and Fernando Perez he keeps exploring the numerous reefs of the archipelago pushing the limits every time he goes out.

Definitely a guy to watch when it comes to surfing beig waves and massive slabs.

We´ve mailed him a few questions to learn more about him:

datrip: Where do you live?

Vilayta: Bajamar,Tenerife, Islas Canarias

datrip: When and where did you start surfing?

Vilayta : In the village where I live I catch waves since ever. Everybody surfs here.

datrip : What is your favorite wave?

Vilayta : San Borondon

datrip: Which were the most memorable trips?

Vilayta: I have been in Indonesia, but the best waves I allways got at the Canarias.

datrip: When did you start surfing big waves?

Vilayta: About when I was 15.

datrip: Has there been somebody who motivated you to start surfing big waves?

Vilayta: At Tenerife we don´t have a large tradition of surfing big waves, besides a few riders like Francis Arnay and Mandingo. They surf waves that nobody else dares to take, and they allway surf them alone. They were our heroes when we were small.

datrip: Did anybody help you with your first sessions in big waves ?

Vilayta: Yes, Francis Arnay helped me. In his times he was the best surfer on the islands in all kind of waves. He was the first one to surf the waves that we catch nowadays. He marked the path for the ones to follow.

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action photos by Jose V Glez