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datrip: What fascinates you with big waves?

Vilayta: The sensation that you get when you are at a place that you never can fully control and where you really can get hurt. A personal motivation of pushing your limits a little bit more with every session. But most of all itīs catching all the powerfull waves that we have at the Canaries that were virgin until recently. It would disturb me a lot if it were foreigners that would ride a wave for the first time, īcause here we are capable to do it ourselfs. We donīt have to envie anyone for nothing….

datrip: What were your most memorable sessions in big waves?

Vilayta: It were allways sessions with Alexander (Zirque). Together with him I catched the best waves. Since a while itīs three who form the team, together with Fernando (Perez).

datrip: What makes for you the difference between surfing big waves with paddling in and towing in?

Vilayta: When you paddle, you are alone, itīs an individual thing. Tow In is a team sport, you need total understanding with your partner and you have to do special training with the jet ski. The physical preparation is the same for paddle and tow in.

datrip: Surfing slabs at tow in has become a new way of surfing massive waves. Whatīs the difference between surfing slabs and huge waves?

Vilayta: Surfing big waves is not as risky as surfing the reef breaks that we have here at the Canaries. Here a mistake of you or your tow partner can lead to a uncomfortable lession or loosing the jet ski in the rocks.

datrip: Do you have any big waves at the Canary Islands?

Vilayta: On the Canary Islands the majority of the waves are powerfull reef breaks with tubes, but the waves also can reach big heights.

datrip: During the past winters we have seen some very impressive waves been ridden at the Canarias but they failed to make it to the XXL awards. Has the region and the local surfers the potencial to one day win the XXL awards?

Vilayta: Yes, we just needed the time to explore the reef breaks along our coasts. Now we just need luck and a big enough swell. We are prepared, physically and technically and we have the equipment. We just have to wait.

datrip : Vilayta, thanks a lot for that interview!