Eno Kløft

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Eno Kløft

The 26 years old goofy footer from Klitmøller is currently the one who turns most heads at the danish North sea breaks. We couldn´t believe that he gained such a high surfing level just by surfing the danish breaks and decided to find out more about him. We started with some standard questions an than intensified the investigation.

Here´s what we found out: 

datrip: You´re living in Klitmøller?

Eno: Yes. My first visit here was 7 years ago, and since I´ve been here as much as possible. Last summer, I decided to move here, with my five year old son and girlfriend. We are about to build our own house in Klitmøller down town :)

datrip: When did you start surfing?

Eno: I actually started surfing, when I was 13 years old. My dad used to live in Kauii (Hawaii) and took me surfing in Portugal, that was when my first interest was caught. At that time I lived in Copenhagen, and therefore I only went surfing in summer, but i was still very dedicated. I remember using all my allowance on surf-magazines.

datrip: What was your motivation to start surfing?

Eno: My dad died when I turned 17, and that left me a period with restlessness and confusion. After a couple of years I decided to go on a surf-pilgrimage, to get back on the right track. I bought a one way ticket to Central America and ended up helping at establishing the fist surfcamp in Nicaraqua (Popoyo ). Surfing first class, uncrowded waves everyday, and cooking for guests in the evening. 12 months of life in it´s pure form!

datrip: Any remarkable contest results?

Eno: The Danish Championships: 1# 2005, 3# 2004, Volcom flatfish: 3# 2003

datrip: Any remarkable trips?

Eno: Besides, small trips around Europe, and Morocco, I have travelled to Indonesia several times. I did a boat trip around various islands in Indo, which in my opinion, is one of the best experiences a surfer could have. Surfing and chilling with my best friends. Last Winter I went to Guatemala, beautiful country and people - perfect waves - no crowds.

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Photo top right: Melina Mailand