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datrip: You spend quite some time surfing perfect waves in tropical waters and you´re surfing year round in Denmark. Does surfing in the icy north sea with its weak windswells still give you pleasure, after that much time in perfect tropical waves?

Eno: When I first came to Klitmøller I just returned from a year in Nicaragua (2001). I had been spoiled with uncrowded pefect waves only wearing boardshorts, so it was quite a change for me suddenly to feel the shocking cold water and the weight of thick rubber. It took me a long time to adjust to the lack of power in the waves of Denmark.. but I actually think that it has been good for me in order to practice my reflexes and just feel the wave and only do what it allows me to do. And some times we actually do get blessed with good waves especially if you live here and you´re on the spot when it fires up..

So yeah it definitely gives me a lot of pleasure surfing in Klitmøller and being a part of the growing surf culture which is an inspiring group of dedicated good people. When that is said I still have the need for exploration...

 datrip: And how do you make your body accept these extreme differences in water and air temperature?

Eno: When you´re going straight from winter in Denmark to surf tropical waves you feel like you´re flying! But the other way round is not so inspiring. However, I´m actually beginning to enjoy surfing during the winter. You really feel fresh and alive and it separates the Vikings from the farmers:-).  besides the waves, you get to experience some of the most beautiful nature phenomena during the cold winter months. 

datrip: By the way, did you guys up there survive the storm this weekend without any damage?

Eno: We didn´t really feel it, it just always blows hard up here:-)

datrip: You said it´s blowing hard over there all the time. But you must have had some classic days this winter - for example February 11th - with good clean waves. Are these perfect surf sessions a regular thing for you during winter or is this a rare present from nature?

 Eno: Ohh yeah we have had plenty of classic days and even more semi classic ones... When I first moved here I didn’t think that I could surf as much as I actually do..

datrip:  Do you think you would have reached your high level of surfing if you could "only" surf the north sea without the extended trips to warmer waters?

Eno: No, I needed that time surfing perfect waves.. but it´s not the quality of the waves it´s the level of surfing in Denmark which is not that high and if you want to improve more rapidly you need to be pushed by surfers that surf better than you and you can´t just watch a video, you need the inspiration in the water otherwise your body won´t remember the very fine motoric movements that make surfing so hard to learn. But there’s a huge progress right now and you will see the young kids coming out of Klitmøller with a much higher level than ever before!! 

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Photo top right: Melina Mailand