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datrip: What’s your favourite moves?

Chris: Might sound boring but it’s a fat cutback on a steep wave.

datrip: And what do move do you want to learn?

Chris: That’s a long list, with back loops on top.

datrip: best trips?

Chris: hmmm, that’s quite a few, with plenty of good memories, not only because of good sailing conditions. Mostly because of unplanned things happening, the atmosphere, the people...

On top if it stands Western Australia, just a terrific county with relaxed people und incredible windsurfing. But also our recent trips to Ireland / Brandon Bay and Tiree / Scotland. Besides perfect windsurfing conditions we had so much fun.... any how, every upcoming trip can top all that.... something that keeps me hungry for more...

datrip: What’s your favourite spots?

Chris: No 1 is definitely Gnaraloo, WA. Everybody who has seen the video thinks it’s a fake, but in reality it’s even better. Than Brandon Bay, Ireland, within very short distances perfect spots for everyone and (almost) every wind and wave setup. Tiree, because it’s so remote and so consistent. Sardinia is a dream….

datrip: Which destinations stand on top of your to do list?

Chris: There is indeed a list and it’s still very long...

Baja California, Chile on top, Galizia is tempting and so many more...

datrip: You’re living quite far away from the ocean. How did you manage to reach such a high level in windsurfing with such a home base? Where do you get the amount of water time needed to train for racing and optimizing equipment and trim settings?

Chris: During my studies I managed to get away for long breaks, especially during winter time, spending up to 3 months in New Zealand and Western Australia, sailing on perfect conditions....that really helps to improve if you are sailing every day...

From my homebase the Dutch coast is "only" a 2.5 hours drive away, so anytime I can make it, I will be on the water, you can have quite good conditions in the Netherlands. Plus, if you are approaching every hour on the water with a certain goal, focussing on it, and friends (especially when they sail better than you do), you can save a lot of time making mistakes. It helps to improve faster and having more fun at the same time.

datrip: You came to windsurfing from sailing. What’s your approach to the sport? Do you see windsurfing (for yourself) more from the sailing or more from the surfing aspect?

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