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Chris: This might be another reason; I didn’t have to learn windsurfing from level zero; I had some basic understanding what might work, sailing competitions develops a kind of analytic approach. In the beginning it was more from a sailing point of view, especially with formula sailing. But it has changed a lot; sailing in waves more often while travelling, learning and trying to understand the waves, plus watching really good wave sailors, their fluid style. That is something I really like about wave sailing, that it combines surfing and sailing...

datrip: What gives you a bigger adrenalin kick, waiting for the shot at the starting buoy of a competition race or entering the water for a wave session in solid waves?

Chris: Definitely entering the water for a solid wave session!

datrip: Looks like you made the transformation that many windsurfers living inland experienced. It starts with the pleasure of going fast on flat water and ends with the desire of getting into waves as often as possible. Also you call a solid cut back your favourite move in windsurfing. What is so special about windsurfing in waves that it almost always beats the speed rush?

Chris: Waves are different everyday, even at the same location. Windsurfing waves you sometimes feel small and great at the same moment, you are just using a power that only exists for a moment. And when it clicks, it just feels natural and you get into a flow, something that is really hard to describe to people who haven’t experienced it. These are moments you remember for a long time, especially when they mix with a special location.

datrip: Which part of wave sailing do you enjoy most, the jumps or riding a wave?

Do you also surf? If not, would you like to start it? If yes, on what level do you surf?

Chris: Wave riding in sideoffshore conditions, I really like days when the waves are smooth and the wind is not so strong, so you can concentrate on surfing the wave. I tried surfing without a sail a couple of times, but would say my level is that of a diver ;-)

datrip: Your preferred wave sailing setup is very close to a good surfing setup. Paddling out without a sail would be the consequent next step. Any ambitions of getting more into surfing?

Chris: Not yet, I stopped carrying a surfboard around, it is too much stuff anyway by now to get on a plane or in a van, sails, boards, masts, plus the growing amount of foto equipment....would be different when living at a place with regular swell and more time. By now I concentrate on windsurfing and taking pictures when there is no wind..

datrip: Yeah, I already noticed that you have a new passion that is shooting photos. How did you get into photography? Has this been a passion that you’re following since a long time or did you get motivated to shoot pictures during your trips?

And how do you handle the dilemma that the best photo conditions are often the best sailing conditions what means that you either miss a good sailing session or a good photo session?

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