Jameos del Agua

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Jameos del Agua:

This is a dramatic place. Vast lava fields of the Malpais de la Corona meet the open sea. The scenery is hallucinating on land and the lava reefs produce hallucinating waves on sea. Near that famous - and in my opinion over rated - tourist atraction created by César Manrique, the coastline bends almost 90 degree and creates a real attraction. With the right swell direction and size a powerfull right and a long left appear. Getting out is a bit tricky as You either can use a small stretch of sand a bit north of the peak or have to find the also very narrow entrance just around the corner. On both places good timing makes the difference between getting out safe or getting hammered. Be aware, that the wave breaks in shallow waters over sharp lava reefs.

Like everywhere in Lanzarote be very carefull, when locals are out. Don´t come in great numbers, be respectfull and never ever snake! Keep the place clean. Respect the fragile nature.

Up and down the coast some empty, powerfull, perfect shaped and ridiciously dangerous waves brake.

surf: on offer are a shorter but intense right and a left that can connect around the point to a very long ride. Swell should come from the north and have some size. Winds from the east are best. Only go out when You know how to deal with fast and powerfull waves.

windsurfing: winds and waves from the north provide endless rides. You just have to know, that once You´re riding around the corner into the large bay the wind comes offshore and gets very week. Find the point to kick out and get back out or end at the hollow shoreys that break over very nasty lava at the southern part of the coast. Good jumping too. It´s best to get out at the small sand strip north of the point but if You time it bad You´ll destroy Your stuff on the lava before You even rode a wave. Experts only!

kiteboarding: the spot is allready pretty dangerous for the surfers and windsurfers. It is very dangerous for kiteboarders especially with winds from the north that can blow You into the vast atlantic with next stop Morocco.

other activities: Even when I called it over rated, the cave restaurant that gave it´s name to this spot is worth a visit, especially when You have a non surfing / windsurfing / kiteboarding partner. Your partner can have a good time in there while You´re on the water. The place is one of César Manriques - the famous local architect - masterpieces and without all the tourist hordes and tourist shops it would be a very nice place anywhow.

An absolute must is the Cueva de los Verdes. You shouldn´t miss it even when You´re really surf starved. And it´s easy to combine a visit with a long session on the water.

Diving and snorkeling is a good alternative on calm days and when You take the time for a walk on a day with good waves You´ll stumble about some other spots with dreamy waves that are nasty to surf. But they´re still good to watch.

More infos at the info board and the galleries (the place, surf, windsurf).

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