Cueva de los Verdes

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Cueva de los Verdes:

In the middle of the large “Malpais de la Corona”, a vast lava field, You´ll find one of the natural highlights of Lanzarote. 50m underneath the surface former lava streams formed a labyrinthical cave system. Bizar lava formations mix with psychedelic colours produced by the different minerals when lit by the artificial light. Underwourld lakes produce hallucinating vistas und make it hard to say what´s real and what´s just a fake. Add to this the complete absence of any sound and the image You´ll get will make You wonder if those old sagas of magic and mystic beeings might be true indeed.

This fantastic underwourld alone would be worth the visit but there is more. One of the numerous caverns is regurarely used for classic concerts. The surounding lava walls, the light and classic music with superb acoustic together will really please Your senses.

Since prehispanic times the cave was used by the locals as safe refuge from slavehunters, conquistadores and ravaging buccaneers. This worked really well but once, when a captured local didn´t resist the turture treatment he got from the pirates and called the outside safe to his fellow locals who hid in the cave. They came out and nearly 1000 islanders were caught and sold to the slave markets in Algier. At this incident two women tried to flee back into the cave and fell to death into an abyss, that is now named “Las Doncellas” (the girls).

So the place has everything You need: fantastic rockformations, intense sensations, music and a long history. It´s an absolut must to visit it. And as it´s close to a good surf and windsurf spot, it might be a good idea to finish a good session on the water with some underwourld experiences as contrast.