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Summer of 2016, July 15th to 17th, Denmark, west coast.

Friday, July 15th

The forecast had promised another depression creating winds that looked very much like autumn. A wind field was supposed to path the Danish west coast from south to north creating some solid windswell. Friday morning it should blow from a north-westerly direction at the southern parts of the Danish west coast and die off around noon here while picking up in northern Thy in the late afternoon.

So I drove to Sydmolen Thursday night and planned to have a windsurf session here the next morning, something that I haven´t done since many years. In fact, it was way before the construction of the “new” jetty, that I went windsurfing here the last time. Must have been almost 10 years since I sailed here regularly back in the good ol´ days when the jetty was shorter and better orientated and over all produced much better windsurfing (and surfing) conditions.

So I was pretty curious to see how it would be here nowadays. Friday morning wind and waves were on. And to my delight the jetty could handle the conditions quite well. The waves had some form and were ridable despite the 45 degree direction of the northwest wind. The 5.0 sail was just a bit too large but the extra power it provided helped for these frontside waverides that otherwise are a bit tricky with this wind direction. I had some fun wave-sailing on my reunion with Sydmolen.

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