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I grabbed my longboard and paddled out through the little lagoon to the small island in the middle of the bay and the reef in front of it. A little A-frame wave was breaking there with the left running for a good long distance. The sea was calm, and I had an abundance of rides in crystal clear water which was barely distinguishable when you looked down. It felt like flying above the rocky bottom and it was impossible to judge how deep the water was underneath you.

It was one of these sessions in far from epic or even spectacular waves that nevertheless get burned into your cerebral memory board because of the extraordinary secondary patterns. Nice warm sunny day after a couple of freezing ones. Beautiful light. Brilliant scenery. Solo session. And then that weightless calm glide over a colourful seabed. I loved it!

But I knew that these would be the last surf-able waves for at least a couple of days. The weather was supposed to stay fine though, and I decided to “kill time” by diving a bit more into the beautiful landscapes of the island. Despite having been on Sardinia a couple of times over the years there were still large white dots on my map, particularly at the eastern parts of the island.

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