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Cold mornings usually mean that cold air is coming down from the mountains in the hinterland and thus create a light offshore wind. This was a good sign and gave me a boost in becoming awake. I drove the short distance to the pier and went for a first check. Waves were there, albeit still a bit unruly. Time for a quick breakfast which I took at the bar at the promenade.

Energized I returned to the pier and wasn´t really satisfied with the sandbars and how they handled the swell. So, I drove another few kilometres north to the next pier and went for another check. Here things looked much better. The trusty sandbar north of the pier was in good shape and produced the classic softer, but longer left and a quick and juicy right.

There were just a handful of surfers out, but that would change soon. So, I quickly headed back to the van, dressed up in rubber, paid the parking fee – no escape from this, even in plain winter - grabbed my longboard and returned to the pier. The peak to the right had filled up as expected and as a non-local I decided not to join the locals with my longboard but jumped in to the peak at the south side.

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