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Sunday, July 23rd

I had spent the night at the camping in Höfn. The past days had been a bit strenuous and there was no prospect for any waves, so I took it easy that morning. I had a (well needed) shower, processed some of the photos from the past days and generally enjoyed the sunny and warm morning. Around noon I felt ready to move on and drove to the Ring Road and turned south.

Despite having done the first 100-something kilometres of this part of the Ring Road just a few days ago, the drive was stunning again. Impressive mountains, cliffs and the odd glacier to the right, a mix of black sand beaches and rolling green hills plus the blue ocean behind to the left and every few kilometres a narrow bridge passing wide wetlands and meandering rivers rushing to the sea. All this in the clear light of bright sunshine. In fact the weather was too nice to just drive, so I made a couple of stops, with the first one in the Myrar area where I climbed a small hill with a fantastic oversight on the many mighty glacier tongues coming down from the vast Vatnajokull.

After a while I passed the Jökulsarlon again and couldn´t resist to stop for another quick visit. The lagoon had not a single ripple on the water surface and mirrored the icebergs. But the light was lacking the magic from my last visit and it was very crowded, so I left after a very short visit.

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