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A gravel road was leading down to the beach and therefore close to the point. I wasn´t sure if it was suitable for my van and if it was public so stayed up at the parking. The size of the breaking waves was difficult to tell from up here and the wind seemed to affect the waves at the point more than in the bay. It nevertheless looked very well lined up and I could only speculate what was possible on a day with better winds and maybe a bit bigger swell. Being alone and not knowing anything about the spot and with the wind not really cooperating it was again a spot to earmark but not actually surf now.

But there was hope for better suited conditions for the next day and so I moved on along the coast road further east. The northern part of the peninsula is very mountainous and meets the Greenland Sea with towering cliffs. The road was getting even bumpier now and the rain was back in full vigour. Driving demanded my full concentration and I wondered how accessible this area would be in winter, when snow is the norm instead of rain.

I had a quick stop at the lighthouse at the northernmost tip of the peninsula and cursed the pouring rain which hindered me to enjoy the view a little bit longer. Not far away from the cape the street abruptly turns south and dives into a single lane tunnel. Single lane meant that there was just one lane which had to be used by cars driving in both directions. Inside the tunnel were passing places in regular distances which made driving a bit of a gamble, but the system works quite well due to the very light traffic in this area.

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