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Amazed and confused

As this time I hadnt left my sleeping bag in the van at the car deck, I had a pleasant night. At least as pleasant as it could be in a tiny cabin together with 5 other men. The passage had been quiet and I got up at 6. As all the cafeterias and buffets on board had not opened yet I went straight up to the outside deck.

It was grey and cloudy with a constant drizzle but not too cold. At seven I had a quick breakfast and returned to the upper deck, eager to see the shores of the Eastern Fjords of Iceland that we were due to reach soon. The drizzle had stopped but thick fog was still lying on the sea.

Luckily the sun managed to clear up the fog shortly before we reached the entrance to Seyisfjrur, a long but narrow fjord within high mountains on both sides. It was an impressive landscape yet not as spectacular as the fjords and cliffs that we passed the evening before on Faroe.

The sea was calm and we slowly advanced into the fjord along vast mountain ranges still covered with snow in the higher altitudes. Besides the humming of the ships engine we moved in absolute silence. No winds howling, no waves crashing. It took quite a while before we reached the end of the fjord and the harbour of Seyisfjrur.

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