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Tuesday morning it was cold and windy. There were still waves breaking in front of my van, but I decided to finally do, what I already had planned for yesterday: leave the peninsula and check another one.

Once I left the shelter of the coastal hills the wind hit me with full force and keeping the van on the road became hard work. The occasional heave squall added some extra chill. The only positive effect of this weather was that I was in no danger of over speeding on the country road leading out to the peninsula which is packed with speed cameras.

The last part of the drive to my destination was through a labyrinth of single lane roads through farmland and ended in front of a cattle gate. Here I parked and walked the remaining distance to the coast. There I found a tiny semi-natural harbour and a few cars already parked there, all of them loaded with windsurfing equipment.

The spot is called “Little Hookipa” by the locals but to me it resembled more a Baja pointbreak (aside from the vegetation, which here clearly was Nordic). The coast makes an almost 90 degree bend here with the tip of the point a flat area which lets side-shore winds pass almost unhindered. The wind was howling side-onshore now, but I could clearly see the potential for extraordinary long down the line wave-sailing.

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