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The prolonged weekend started with a disappointment. I had left Hamburg on Thursday night with the prospect of some solid windswell and light winds with a tendency to offshore at the Danish westcoast. But my first view on the North Sea at the southern jetty showed a different picture. The wind was blowing from the southwest and the waves were a chaotic windblown mess. A check of the actual forecast showed that the wind direction had been corrected for 180 degrees overnight, something which is very rare nowadays.

So, I moved on further north until I reached my favoured destination. Here the wind was onshore too, but at least there were longer sunny periods. As the forecast still promised the needed change in the wind direction now for the early evening I decided not to drive any further and stay here. Sure, the forecast was a tricky one with unusual wind patterns, but my well tested reference offshore platform still promised enough swell with enough period for Saturday. That swell should make it to Danish shores with enough size and juice despite its northerly direction and despite the strong side-offshore winds forecasted for the weekend. I just needed patience.

To make the best out of Friday I went for a walk along the beach and soon was stunned, better: shocked about the amount of plastic waste on this beach. The average distance between the pieces of trash was around 5 meters. And this was just the parts lying on the surface. When I found a plastic bucket, I used it to collect some of the debris, but the bucket was full within five minutes. I deposited it at one of the beach trash collecting containers in the area and felt like having put a drop on a very hot stone.

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