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Large parts of October had passed without fulfilling the expectations that this month usually arises in surfers’ minds. So, it was more then overdue when the forecasts finally showed intensely dark coloured circular patterns in the North Atlantic, indicating strong winds and resulting swells. A tight vortex was hanging around halfway between Iceland and the northern parts of Norway and the gale-force winds on its backside were perfectly aligned to create a solid swell straight out of north aiming into the North Sea.

Wave heights were forecasted with around 3.5 meters with an unusually high period of up to 15 seconds. We do not get swells like this very often here. Unfortunately it would happen in the middle of the week but the combination of the expected exceptional quality of the swell and a general fed-upness with work and other things in life left me no other option than cancelling all business appointments and finish the work week Tuesday evening.

Swell direction and size meant that all parts of the North Sea would get waves. Local winds – like so often – would be the decisive factor. The British North Sea coast would probably be the best bet, but it was too far away for me. For a while I considered heading to Holland but then decided that the favourable wind direction would probably not last long enough to make the trip worthwhile. So, it was Denmark again that I was heading for.

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