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I wasn´t too worried about the poor wind and surf conditions of the afternoon until I checked the forecasts for Monday in the evening. Originally there had been promised another sunny day with 25 knot westerly winds for Thy, but now the forecast had dramatically changed. No wind and waves up here. Winds now should blow barely 20 knots from west-southwest in the southern parts of the Danish North Sea coast. I spent another night at the camping with the vague hope that the forecast would be wrong.

Monday morning proved the obvious, the last forecast had been accurate. So, I headed south and thought about calling it a day and immediately returning home and maybe get some work done. But I was desperate to get wet once again and so I did something that I haven´t done for ages: I drove to the Ringkøbing fjord and went for a flat-water windsurf session on the fjord. It was ok for a while to speed across completely flat water but in the end no substitute for sailing in waves.

But from now on, the summer arrived with heat and no wind and I would have been more than happy for the odd flat-water windsurfing session. As substitute I only could go for bicycle rides in the woods and fields outside Hamburg.

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