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It became a typical battle of windsurfing material session with a slow start of the wind and some ups and downs forcing me to switch between the bigger and the smaller wave board and then a sudden rise in windspeed which soon was way too strong for my 5.0 sail. I made the best out of the two hours before it got too windy and abstained from changing too the very small sails, as the waves weren’t any good. But it was fun sailing almost alone in strong winds and in warm and sunny weather.

The next day it was sunny again and we made another trip west to Hyres. During the mid-eighties and early nineties this had been one of my prime windsurfing destinations but despite having been here quite a few times, I never had visited the historic centre of this town. This turned out a lapse.

The off-season helped again and allowed us to park the van in a road not too far from the central place just in front of the historic part of the town at the foot of the surrounding mountains. From here it was a nice albeit soon strenuous stroll through the narrow and increasingly steep alleys leading up the hill flanks.

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