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Not a secret spot anymore...

„Klitmöller“ ....“Hmm.....it is not looking too good anymore, with the new forecast...what do you think?“ „Hmm...no, not looking too good now, you are right..hmm...hmm..“
„Check Wissant...that is definitely looking good...4 days of wind, picking up a notch each day......“
„Yeah...hmmm...but northeasterly...are there are any waves then?“
Probably every windsurfer does know that question, getting more and more haunting as the weekend draws closer. You might think the answer to the question, where to go on the weekend would have been made easier by the online weatherforecasts nowadays, but I think the opposite is true. Especially after experiencing many times the computerized forecasts got it completely wrong.
And if you got a special weekend, with a public holiday making it 4 days in a row to spend somewhere windy, the decision gets even harder. Take into account that Flo is living in Kiel, 500km from where I live in Krefeld, there is always a certain amount of driving involved in a surftrip.
Plan A, 4 days in Klitmöller Danemark was looking good untill Tuesday, than it looked like not even worth another thought, The best option by then was southwest, Wissant, France. Meaning a long way for Flo, making the decision even more important. Finally he got himself into his van, onto the motorway after pondering his options. What made him go for the drive? Worst case, he would be in Wissant without enough wind, but at least a new place to him. Staying back at his windless home Kiel, there would always be the nagging doubt, whether he took the right decision and would be missing good conditions, so it wouldn´t have been a relaxing weekend at all.

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Story: Chris Hafer, Photos: Chris Hafer & Flo Söhnchen