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Requiem for Sydmolen

This is very sad news for danish surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders. In May 2011 works for a huge harbour / jetty construction at the harbour entrance of Hvide Sande are supposed to begin.  As Blue magazine found out, there are plans to construct a new huge jetty on the south side of the harbour entrance and to prolong the northern jetty. These constructions are supposed to allow bigger ships to enter the harbour. These bigger ships are needed to transport windmill parts for offshore wind parks build in a factory at Ringkoebing, that are too large to be transported on the existing roads.

Construction works on the jetties and the additional harbour facilities will take about 5 years. During this time, the area will be completely closed for public. The new jetties will very likely destroy the existing setup up swell bending and wind protecting jetties and sandbars, that made the Sydmolen such a good place to surf waves on any thinkable tool. Nobody knows how the new jetties will affect sand flow, coastal erosion and the creation of sandbars.

Windsurfers, surfers and kiteboarders will very much likely loose one of the only spots at the Danish west coast that could deal with north westerly winds.

For us this is a real disaster. To give you an idea what we lose we added a collection of photos (click here to continue) from the best days in the past decade.

For a link to a site explaining the project (Danish required) click here.

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