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You know you´re talking to a traditional photographer when mentioning “Scala” immediately leads into a rave about this legendary film.

For the late born: the AGFA Scala is a black and white reversal film suited to be shown with a slide projector. For the even later born: film is a light sensitive material used to capture pictures in the pre digital area. You could shoot a maximum of 36 photos with it and had to bring the film to a laboratory afterwards to get it developed (or develop it at your own laboratory at home). Ah yeah, and AGFA was a company that produced these films until it went bankrupt in the early days of the digital era.

Anyhow, the AGFA Scala was pretty much the only black and white slide film and professional photographers and ambitioned amateurs loved it for the brilliant images they could capture with it.

So I recently had a conversation with a friend ignited by a Scala scan that I posted on facebook and this motivated me to get through my archives and pick some Scala shots that I want to show on the following pages >>>