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Sydmolen, September 2002

Looking at the photos and the story today, nothing special happened. But that prolonged weekend trip with my daughter and a friend in September 2002 for me was a key experience for my understanding of North Sea surf.

I already had realized that there can be surf-able waves at the Danish North Sea coast, but I still thought that there would only be decent surf during a short period after strong westerly winds had died. Remember: there was no surf forecast sites on the internet back then and there was no social networks or websites spitting out pics from surf sessions almost real-time. All we had was the – not very reliable – wind forecast of the regional radio stations plus a telephone number you could call to get a more specific wind forecast from the marine weather service.

So for this weekend a decent north-westerly wind was forecasted for the central North Sea. What I found in reality at the Sydmolen in Denmark was plenty of sunshine and a force 3 north-easterly wind during Saturday that turned to plain east on Sunday. Nothing you could windsurf but – to my big surprise – plenty you could surf. Because these light side-off to offshore winds were accompanied by a 1 to 1.5 meter swell that kept coming all weekend.

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