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Yucatan (April 1991)

After a few sweaty days in New Orleans, a week in flooded Texas and dusty north Mexico and numerous near death experiences on Mexican roads we were ready for a few less exhausting days on the Yucatan peninsula. Mayan sites were a clear premium attraction but we also had faint hope on a few windsurf sessions. All we knew was that the peninsula was lying right inside the trade winds area.

Maya site Palenque was our first stop and the beginning of another more relaxed yet exciting part of our trip. Mayan culture has interested me since I was a kid and these wonderful pyramids and temples fascinated me from the first minute after we entered the site. The area is surrounded by dense jungle like vegetation. Some earlier excavated buildings were already losing the fight against the jungle again. This made it a very mystic place with an intense vibe.

Eager to soak in more of this ancient culture we headed straight to the next site, Uxmal. We spend the night on the parking lot of the site and were the first to enter, which helps a lot when you want to get views unblocked by other tourists. The nature here is completely different to the dense jungle and steep hills of Palenque.

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