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The next morning we drove to the harbour of Miami Beach in the hope of finding a ferry to Puerto Rico. We asked several people about that and earned nothing but laughter. The concept of running a ferry to the island seemed to be ridiculous here. So we went to the airport and spent 5 hours to find out the cheapest flight connections to the island. We finally paid TWA 463 $ each for the roundtrip which tore a huge hole into my travel budget. Pretty exhausted from all that ticket searching we drove back to the beach had something undefined to eat and went to sleep.

Saturday Feb. 9th. We went to burger King for breakfast and morning toilet. Then we rented a car and loaded our stuff from Christian´s VW van – he had bought it a month prior when he had arrived in the states – and drove to the airport, where we checked in the luggage. The lady at the counter had mercy and we didn´t have to pay extra fees for our windsurfing equipment. I spent the day at the airport while Christian and Albert drove the van to the Ocean Rest Club at Key Biscayne to leave it there during our two months stay on Puerto Rico.

At 9:30 in the evening we landed at San Juan airport.

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1991 Gallery with the best photos from the whole trip

The Yucatan part of the trip.