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very dry, temperatures in summer around 30o C, in winter around 20o C, water temps around 17 to 20o C year round

winter sees a little bit of rain


predominantly trade winds, NE in the morning, N in the afternoon, usually not very strong they come side - to sideonshore


the wind is rarely strong enough for windsurfing or kitesurfing. Due to the shape of Bay and reef and wave this is not a windsurfing / kiting spot. Plus: surfers have absolute priority


best season is from Oktober to March, when You get bigger swells from the northwest and west and the winds are very favourable. Only very occasionally some groundswells during offseason.

The wave is a right reefbreak that can get very long and sometimes hollow enough for tubes. Classic wave!


best wind direction for surfing is east, north and northeast are o.k.


low to mid tide is best, high tide only wotks on really big swells


shortboards with enough size for bigger waves in winter, 6´8´´ and bigger

6´4´´ in summer


There´s plenty of appartements to rent directly at the spot or in towns nearby. Some unofficial but etablished car / van - “parks” at the surrounding coast


All that You need in nearby towns. Moroccan cuisine is fantastic!


there is some cafes, no alcohol and no girls to party with like everywhere in Morocco; more westerly style nightlife in not so far away Agadir (if You really need it desperately)

CR Longboards (skate) Loose-Fit Brand 2