Michi Mohr

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Michi Mohr

Michi is a native Bavarian, lives in Munich and surfs big waves.

He lives in Munich? In South Germany?

Yes, Munich, Bavaria, South Germany.

He surfs?

Yes, he surfs.

Big waves?

Big Waves.

datrip: When did you start surfing?

Michi:  14 years ago.

datrip:  How did you get into surfing?

Michi:  A friend took me river surfing. I immediately started river surfing at the Floßlände and flew to Portugal the same year to try surfing in the ocean.

datrip:  Where do you surf most?

Michi:  Madeira, West OZ, Fiji, Indo

datrip:  Tell us a bit about your best trips in the past years.

Michi: I often have incredible luck with my trips, also because I usually travel during peak wave season to the right destinations. As I´m always searching large swells I have some unforgettable memories:

March 2001 : massive cyclone swell in New Zealand.

July 2001 : biggest cyclone swell of the decade at Australia´s east coast.

July / August 2001  : best Indo season since years, one month with waves over 6 ft and three really large swells.

2003-03-10: The biggest swell ever bombarded Europe. I was surfing the biggest waves of my life on Madeira while Belharra had 70 ft. waves and saw the biggest waves ever ridden in Europe.

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