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Capo Mannu:

This place is a legend. Winter storms pounding the Sinis Peninsula here create one of the best waves of the mediterranean. But it is a dangerous place too. If you follow the dirt tracks in search of the right bay you´ll find nothing but steep cliffs with only a few tiny spots to enter the sea. These spots are narrow stretches of stony “beaches” guarded by sharp rock formations. Underneath the water more sharp rocks together with a good bunch uf urchins wait to damage boards and feet alike. Currents can get very strong and getting back to safe land can become a difficult task in heavy conditions. If you´re new to this place watch it carefully and never go out alone.

The scenery is fantastic with green bushes giving a nice contrast to the variety of colours of the cliffs and the deep blue of the sea. The place is very very intense.

Due to it´s fame and quality, the place can also have intense crowds. So follow the rules, don´t come in too big numbers, respect the locals and be nice to the nature.

surfing: westerly swells create a good righthand pointbreak that on its days equals the best of Atlantic Ocean waves. Double overhead walls are a frequent occurrance in winter. Swells are of short duration here so to score You need to keep a close eye on weather forcasts and have to be there right in time. Coming too late a couple of hours can mean that the waves are gone.

Watch out for strong currents and be prepared for long and rough swims when you go out there!

windsurfing: winds from the northwest bring sideshore conditions in waves up to mast high. When conditions are right you´ll be able to score some world class wavesailing. It´s mainly a waveriding spot though as the high cliffs make the wind gusty and make it very difficult to jump. Getting in is a heavy task due to the narrow launching spots and the combination of very light and gusty winds close to shore and the before mentioned nasty cliffs. Same thing with getting back to safe land after the session. The better option is launching at Mini Capo or even Mandriola and sailing upwind. But this is a long ride and when you break something or loose your stuff there is no way back but swimming around the points back into the bay. Good thing is that the current drags the same direction. Be very carefull not to get too close to the cliffs! This is for experts only!!!!

Check the galleries (2006, 2017-11-12, 2017-11-14) for more pics and the film section for getting an idea of how good it can get here!

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