Funtana Meiga

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Funtana Meiga:

Just before you reach the San Giovanni de Sinis peninsula there is a little dirttrack that turns off to the west. If you follow it you´ll reach a holiday village that faces the sea. Here the roads are paved again (funny infrastructure policy....). Keep on driving on the promenade until you reach a dirt track again. Turn left after the last house and you reach the coast that consists of fields on a plain that abruptly ends at the sea. The rocky shore is about 1 to 2 meters higher than sea level and only has small dots of sandy beaches. There is plenty of flat reefs that do not have much water above. Those reef plates reach out into sea for about 50 meters before the deep water begins. On calm days this is a good place to snorkle and swim as long as you take extra care not hitting the reef with your feet. On days with wind and waves a defined reefbreak evolves at the outer border of the reef. There punchy waves break whereas the inside area stays mostly flat.

The village itself currently only consists of holiday houses. Up to now there is no bars or shops. If you want to go for a walk, check the sarazene tower at the cape in the west. The surrounding area is unspoiled nature and a bird sanctuary.

If you want more culture and more social life check out the Sinis peninsula. Besides some bars (only open during summer season) there is the oldest christian church of the island (from the 5th century) and the antique phoenizian site Tharros to be admired.

surfing: the reef can create some fun waves. Best options come with a swell from the southwest or west in combination with winds from the north. This setup is most likely when a low has passed.

Check out the reefs further west near the cape with the sarazene tower. They offer some protection in stormy northwest wind conditions.

windsurfing: the break at the out reef drop with it´s calm inside makes up for a perfect wavesailing arena. Predominant winds come from the west to northwest which means side to sideoffshore from the right. The flat inside gives the opportunity to speed up before you hit the wave and helps a lot in recovering after a wipe out. Just never forget, that some parts of the inside are very shallow and like to damage boards and feet alike.

The perfect setup is northwest winds after a strong southwest wind that pushes in solid waves. Than you get perfect waveriding and jumping alike.

kiteboarding: it is very tricky to start and land the kites at the cliff drops with the almost nonexistant beach at sea level. You´ll definitely need to be able to control your kite very well and need someone to help you. If you´re fit enough you´ll have a lot of fun here, especially at the break to the left where windsurfers struggle with gusty winds on their sail level but kites still catch enough power. Brind a board made to surf and enjoy some nice down the line rides.

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