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Timmendorfer Strand:

A bloody eypensive place for the rich and wanna be rich. On sunny summer weekends hords of beach and glamour hungry people from Hamburg invade the place. Beach volleyball contests are held and people try to look good.

The center of town has remnants of the “ancient” more mondane seaside resort village but gets overshadowed by less fine looking hotels and clinics, all built in the - architectonicaly speaking - dark ages of seventies and eighties of the last century.

The place has a large sand beach facing east and a pier. In summer season the beach gets packed and finding a parking lot is a nightmare.

But for baltic sea residents this is very often the only option to find some surfable waves. With strong easterly winds, sort of a swell is created that pushes rideable waves to this shore. The ever acompanying onshore wind gets slowed down a little bit by the before mentioned buildings and the pier offers easy access to the lineup as You can jump from it. On normal days YouŽll splash into sea just behind the lineup but on the rare “big” days YouŽll land right before the impact zone.

Being resistant to sea sickness helps when surfing here, as the waves are allways a bit chaotic building, vanishing and coming across all at once.

Still, there is surf for the starving and with a longboard You can have fun, when YouŽre desperate enough. Good days see up to 50 guys in the lineup and more and more total chaos. Please, everyone going there, remind yourself of the seven golden rules - or learn them if you donŽt know them yet - and, most important, act according to these rules! They are set up to bring safety and more fun to everyone.

In winter the lineup thins out to a few core surfers, some of them desperate enough to surf the weak baltic sea windwaves even at temperatures near the freezing point. Give Žem respect as these guys are braving even the coldest winter storms in the quest for surf.

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