Le Lizay

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Le Lizay:

When La Conche ends at the first reef to the northeast, Le Lizay beginns. The spot gets its name from the stretch of coast and pine wood that stretches all the way to Les Portes. The coastline consists of flat rock shelfs and sandy beaches and a few bends in the shoreline. Very nice walk along the beach and in the woods (just make sure to avoid the many places used as toilets near the parking lots). Access is via three small roads leading to parking areas that are strictly off limits for overnight parking (the police controlls the places every night during summer months).

Again, at low tide, the beach gets very narrow.

surfing: the mixture of flat reefs and sand beaches creates a few very nice peaks. The most popular one is the one at the southern end that gets the most swell. Waves get smaller the further north you get. Low tide means no or very small waves.

On a big swell it might be worth checking the reefs and points further north close to Les Portes.

windsurfing: as most waves break pretty close to shore this is not the best place for sailing.

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