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Notre-Dame de Tronoën

Not far from the coast but already in the middle of the countryside nowhere lies one of the for the area typical chapels and in its courtyard the oldest calvary of Britany. Both were built in the middle of the 15th century, as usual with mostly granite. The church is nice but not special, but the calvary is a real gem, despite already being quite weathered and moss-covered. The main block of the calvary has to frescos running around with exquisitely carved biblical figures and scenes. On top of the calvary stand the three crosses of the mythical Golgatha crucifixion scene.

You don´t have to be religious to feel touched by this calvary, especially when the early morning or late evening sun soaks the stone sculptures into beautiful light, or a foggy day adds some extra mystic aura. A must visit when in the area and just a short detour from the beaches.

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