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At the end of the former piste and now paved road from Lajares there´s a large bay that is protected from the open ocean swells. A lot of locals used this rare calm shores to build shacks and little houses which summed up to a little village. It has sort of a ghost town character and the buildings are not built legal, I presume. Anyhow, the place has it´s beauty and, very sad, will be history soon, as there are plans for a large tourist resort here. In the close vicinity hundreds of appartements are allready under construction and the calm bay will become a yachting harbour. It seems, like another perfect place will be destroyed by the ruthless canarian tourist industrie.

Up to now, the bay consists of a couple of lava reefs with some sandy areas. The surrounding area is all dust and sand and rocks. No vegetation in this lunar landscape.

Getting into the water is a tricky thing as the lava rocks are sharp. Not wearing booties means cut feet if You don´t find the few small zones with round rocks or even a bit of sand.

To the north the entrance to the bay hides a perfect reef that produces very nice waves. The rights are long and relatively easy to take. The lefts are fast, tubey and break over very shallow lava reef. The south side of the bay also has some good looking breaks at the outside, but currents are very strong there. With big swells two inside breaks come alive, a sucky A-frame just a bit north in front of the village and a mellow right at the far right of the bay.

surfing: the outside reef at the north end of the bay has some very nice waves. Getting there is a long paddle but the channel makes it an easy entrance and gives safe exit when You wipe out, as long as You surf the right. The left is mercyless and getting caught inside there can become a very stressfull experience. The break works with all tides but is best with mid to high tide.

The before mentioned inside breaks come very seldom to life but can be the only surfable places when the rest of the north shore is closing out with big winter swells.

windsurfing: depending on the tides getting in and out of the water is a very tricky thing as You have to dance over sharp lava rocks while the wind tries to take away Your stuff. usually the wind comes from the northeast which means side to sideoffshore. Calculate this when trying to get back to the northern launching area. The bay has perfect flat water to warm up or recover after a wipeout. Pass the northern reef in safe flat water, sail upwind and pick Your waves. Perfect frontside rides on a fast wave will reward You. There is allways some nice sections for heavy slashing or the odd aerial. If You don´t start Your ride too deep wipeouts won´t be too bad as the current drags You directly to the channel. Still, a lot of experience is needed to sail here as the waves are serious and the sideoffshore winds make it hard to return to firm land.

kiteboarding: besides the nasty walk over sharp rocks when getting in or out of the water this is a perfect kiteboarding arena. The flat waters inside the bay give You room to all kind of tricks. Very scenic launching at high tide at the natural harbour of the village.

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