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That´s a pretty long wave, not only for the Kattegat. Three minutes later, another though smaller set appeared and the Danish regular footer scored another nice ride. Not knowing what to do, paddling out for another session myself or staying to photograph the brilliant scenery I waited for another ten minutes. Nothing happened. Not the tiniest set arrived. Half an hour later I gave up and so did the two guys in the lineup who paddled back to shore without even the opportunity to use a last wave to get out. The Kattegat had finished its show and became dead flat.

But this one hour of the early evening was just brilliant and worth to come. It showed the extraordinary quality that the surf can get here when things come together with the surrounding beautiful landscape as icing on the cake. Even – for this area – average conditions like we had all day mean waves that are better than what you get on the North Danish (and German or Dutch) North Sea coast 90 % of the time. Deep water and well-formed rocky shores make that much of a difference. This overall quality probably also explains why blown up shortboards and longboards are a rare sight here.  Most surfers paddle out on the same planks that they use at the Atlantic.

Like so often on these surf packed short trips I had barely eaten anything the whole day. So I drove to that nice little harbour, cooked some noodles, had a beer and went to bed early.

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