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I had a first stop at a section of the coast that already had caught my attention the last time I was here. It looked good from the street but a closer check kept me sceptic. In addition this break wouldn´t like the upcoming south-westerly wind too much. So I continued searching and must have driven into sort of a wormhole within the time-space continuum. There is no other explanation for what suddenly appeared.

The sun had come out. Okay, this is not that unlikely event. But I was driving on cobblestone streets through this little town and suddenly was surrounded by cars that were built even before I was born. Had I been transferred to a late-fifties southern California?

But the streets looked familiar and I found the way to the reef road that I wanted to check. Looked all like earlier in the day, just lit with bright sunshine now. Then I stopped and had a close look at the first reef. Nah, that´s not true. I either had been wormholed or some weird event of plate tectonics had connected the Baltic Sea with a wide open ocean.

Whatever caused this transformation, the left that broke in front of the harbour looked very much like an open ocean wave.

To reassure my visions I went to another reef. Here a nasty slab was spitting. Where the hell is Freddie Meadows when you need him?

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