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Day 3 – Ligurian Storms

I reached Varazze in the late evening. Like elsewhere in this area it was difficult to find a place to spend the night in the van. Due to the mountain range, that runs parallel to the coast, the area mainly consists of steep cliffs with just a few narrow flat parts pinched between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. Almost every flat or halfway flat spot is occupied by buildings from the densely populated towns and villages that are cramped into the small valleys in between steep mountain flanks. Roads running through the towns and along the coast are designed for car sizes from the middle of the past century and barely can cope with modern car sizes. This is one of the reasons why these tiny tricycle two-stroke vehicles are still popular here. Parking space is very sparse.

Not the best conditions to travel with a camper van. But I was lucky and found a parking lot a few kilometers west of Varazze where they had removed the height limitation bar. The parking was cramped between the sea and the coastal road but was large enough to park the van. They were charging parking fees despite the off-season and it cost me 10 Euros to spend the night here but I was happy having found a place to spend the night at all.

I had just stopped the engine when it started to rain.

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